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klugscheissteve [userpic]

...YET. I might next year. Or maybe I can con my rich brother into purchasing one for me...But until then, I'll just have to Drool over store displays, and other people who actually got them this morning *cough*Joe*cough*.

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klugscheissteve [userpic]

Man, you'd think that people in Detroit would know how to drive in weather, but NO. Maybe they're all good in snow, but in rain? I gave that rental Malibu's brakes a "Biggest Loser" workout today just driving to the airport to pick up my coworker. Of course, I did some stupid driving myself when I was too distracted trying to figure out what terminal I needed to go to, I almost slammed through a red light (again, Malibu's brakes are feeling it tonight!)
Actually driving around the airport hit home how big the Metro Airport actually is, and how neat it looks from the outside. Inside, everything is in English and Japanese because, well, it IS Detroit - US auto central, so I'm sure there's a lot of back and forth traffic. Plus they have a really cool monorail.
Jeff (my coworker) and I hit up this restaurant called La Shish tonight, and damn was it great. It's a MI-only chain, but if you were to walk in, you'd be shocked to learn there are 15 others like it in the State. It's breathtakingly cool - the decor is top-class, like a Turkish palace. The food is great, menu huge, and the service very good. It's what you would expect from a premium Arab/East Mediterranean restaurant, but the prices aren't crazy. Except for the $110 Kebab Delux...but that's something like 5lbs of meat and 10lbs of veggies grilled and served over more hummous than a camel could carry!
Anyways, one more full day, and then Friday, I head back to Charlotte...and not a moment too soon. I miss home...

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klugscheissteve [userpic]

Day Seven..and it just keeps going...

So, I've been here in Sterling Heights, a suburb of Detroit, about 7 days, with a quick two-day sojourn back home in Charlotte. Last week was with my boss...where I found out that he REALLY hates cold weather. Like, with a passion that causes him to say "fuck" a lot. And it was only 45F! I can't imagine him in weather colder than that, say, New England in February...
I'm up here to help the DuPont plant with transition to using my company to route all their shipments. The word "recalcitrant" definitely applies, since they've been doing things "their way" for a while now. But that's not all that exciting.
What is exciting (and honestly, I'm having to stretch the meaning of "exciting") is that I get to spend hours in a warehouse filled with big, nummy Midwestern mens...WOOF. I mean, these men are so straight, they have NO shame. Rubbing bellies, collar buttons opened halfway down their furry chests, stretching! We're talking big bearish boys, husky fireplugs with shaved heads and goatees, hairball Italian muscleguys...It's like a candy store, but everything's locked up! Fun to oggle, though.
And the hotel here? MAN, it's like they wanted to set me up with the best that company money can buy. Of course, for the first 4 nights, I had NO internet access. I happened to get the biggest suite...without highspeed. But hey, this time around I might have a few feet less space, but being able to chat on the 411 and check my email is SEX-Nasty!
I'll be home on Friday, as long as the snow predicted for then doesn't close down the Wayne County Airport. It won't be too soon - I REALLY miss Charlotte (all those who hate the city may groan now, haha)

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klugscheissteve [userpic]

I love how this has been viewed over a million times. Does anyone remember when the original "All your base" popped up? I'm thinking in the late 90s...You know, almost A DECADE AGO. Feel old(er) yet? MUAHAHA

Damn, I need to see this muthaf@#&in movie...

klugscheissteve [userpic]

There's really no excuse for this, but I just have to spread the "Ewwww":

Look upon Leonid...and WEEP

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klugscheissteve [userpic]

'Why are you going to hell?' at QuizGalaxy.com

klugscheissteve [userpic]

Today is a Tuesday. There's abso-fikkin-lutely nothing interesting about Tuesday. I did nothing cool, saw nothing cool (with the exception of the latest episode of Project Runway, so now I'm all caught up until tomorrow), and really, just went from home, to work, to home for dinner,  and now I'm back at work. I STILL haven't taken my car in for an oil change, and I'm probably about 70 away from hitting 10,000 miles on my baby (and exactly 5000 miles from the last oil change...). I didn't meet anyone for lunch, and I certainly didn't do any food shopping to get a refill on my precious, precious cream cheese. 

Has life come to this? HAS IT? Sitting on Bear411 for hours and hopping back to the other room to play some Ratchet and Clank (loves me some Ratchet and Clank) before ironing my shirt o' the day? Jaunting off to work for four hours before heading back home for a quick dose of easy-nuke mac n' cheese, and then off to the work PC again? Is this all there is?

Actually, that's not half bad. I get to sleep in, chat with coo bears for hours, watch Project Runway eps and play PS2 classics before moseying down the road the 3.5 miles to my job....Wait, why was I complaining? 

Oh, that's right...I'm out of cream cheese.


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